Affordances and Constraints
Video can be a good option for capturing primary research and making arguments that benefit from dynamic audio and visual capabilities, and they offer a wide range of other writing opportunities. You can see just a few descriptions of rhetoric-based movie and multimedia projects at Composing a video requires more hardware than most other multimodal options, as you need access to a video recorder or camera with video option if you want moving pictures. You can make film collages of still images and text, of course, but that requires a lot of media as well.

Technology Resources

MovieMaker and iMovie are probably your best bets for access, though there is a bit of a learning curve for both. There are also freeware movie editors that might be worth exploring, such as TrakAxPC

Depending on the file types your technology lets you create and what you want to do with them, you might need a file converter (for example, I had to change formats to burn a MovieMaker project onto a dvd that my Mom could play). You can download free converters, like NCH’s Prism Video File Converter,, which supports a wide range of formats and is quite easy to use.

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