While this blog is organized by media or technology type, many successful assignments ask students to choose the most appropriate mode or media for a particular rhetorical exigence. The examples below suggest a range of composing options to address the prompt. Building choice into your multimodal assignments has the benefit of increasing student agency and engagement. It is also more in keeping with real-world rhetorical situations, where the genre or media is dictated by exigence.

Plato, Our Contemporary - WRIT 1622 - Submitted by John Tiedemann

Research Remix - WRIT 1133 - Submitted by Jennifer Campbell

When we go beyond plain text on the page, design becomes an important part of rhetorically effective composing.
The PowerPoint below provides an overview of several key design considerations that apply to multiple media.
external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png [[file/view/Multiodal_Design.ppt|Multiodal_Design.ppt]]