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Technology Resources

You probably already have PowerPoint as part of your Microsoft package. If not, you can download a 60-day free trial version at

For an overview of additional presentation format options, see "Slideware 2.0: Taking Presentations Beyond the Desktop."
One option that has been gaining in popularity is **Prezi**, which can be more dynamic than PowerPoint in its ability to zoom between points and show relationships between ideas.

Assignment Ideas

TED Presentation - 1622 - Submitted by John Tiedemann


Top Ten Slide Tips
A nice overview with slide examples

Ted Talks
The Ted website includes a number of short presentations with effective use of PowerPoint or Prezi, such as Derek Sivers' "Weird or Just Different"
and James Geary's "Metaphorically Speaking."

After you create an excellent PowerPoint, you can share it at Slideshare. Here you can also find a couple of fun PowerPoints about creating successful PowerPoints:
"You Suck at PowerPoint"
"Death by PowerPoint"
Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Recommended Reading

Mackiewicz, Jo. "Comparing Powerpoint Experts’ And University Students’ Opinions About Powerpoint Presentations." Journal of Technical Writing & Communication 38.2 (Jun2008): 149-165.
This article provides a solid review of the literature on PowerPoint design from academic and professional sources before presenting the results of a student survey about their reception and production of PowerPoints. Mackiewicz’s comparison of expert and student opinions can inform the teaching of PowerPoint design and presentation skills.

Affordances and Constraints

PowerPoints are your go-to for live presentations, but you can also use them as a stand-alone delivery tool. Your approach to content depth and design will depend on how you plan for your audience to use the slide show.

PowerPoint allows you to work with existing design templates or create your own style. You can embed additional media here, too, though that involves more technological know-how.

The design key with PowerPoint is to keep it legible and don’t put too much information on one slide. Remember that slide shows are generally designed to enhance a presentation and highlight important content, so you’ll want most of your text in an accompanying script rather than on the slides.