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Technology Resources

There are a variety of “wiki farms” that support these collaborative texts, but most reviewers recommend **Wikispaces**, which is stable, robust, and user- friendly.
Example: http://mmplayground.wikispaces.com

You can find a comparison of multiple wiki farms on Wikipedia that can help you choose based on your needs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wiki_farms

Blackboard also has a wiki function that can be useful for collaborative projects only open to class members.

Assignment Ideas

Wiki Research Guide and Informative Articles - 1633 - Submitted by Jennifer Campbell
For this group project, students collaborated to create a research guide on a topic they chose, then used the resources from the research guide to write a series of informative wiki entries.

I also often have students use wikis--usually within Blackboard--to create and share group annotated bibliographies.


Actually a link to a list of great links: Using Wikis in the Classroom by Richard Beach

Wikipedia: School and University Projects
Presents guidelines and pedagogical suggestions for assigning Wikipedia projects and lists ongoing educational projects.

Recommended Reading

Barton, Matt."Embrace the Wiki Way!" MattBarton.net . 21 May 2004. 9 Feb 2009
An informal, informative piece about using wikis in composition, with an emphasis on the types of projects that are well suited to wikis (group research projects, reference guides, resource directories) and those that are not (portfolios, argumentative essays, personal creative works). This is a good example of how we should be sure to use the right tool for the job.

Affordances and Constraints

Wikis are easy to work with, support collaboration, and allow you to keep logs of your edits, but they have limited design capability.